Sunday, November 29, 2009

IT's been a While :o(

It's time to do better with this whole blogging thing. Has it really been since August that I've posted something??? Life has been great, crazy at times but great. September 12 we had the privilege of celebrating my Dad George's wedding to Mimi. It was a hot beautiful September afternoon.

On October 2nd we flew out to Ontario to visit with Aidan's side of the family and introduce Addysen. The other main reason for the timing of our visit was because Aidan's Aunt Daryll was visiting from England. This trip was her first and probably her only trip to Canada so it was important that we made it out to see her. It was such a fantastic trip!! Addysen slept both ways on the plane; Raeya was a little busy but not so bad Aidan couldn't handle :o) We celebrated Addy's 3 month birthday, enjoyed an authentic Greek supper with Steve's mom and Dad and had a delicious Thanksgiving supper with the family. Raeya and Nik had a great time playing together everywhere we went. It was so great to see Raeya play with her cousins, I wish we all lived closer together.

Raeya, Aunt Daryll, Adian

Lesley with her sister and Grand Daughters

Nana and her Grand kids

Addy and her 3 month picture with Maurice

During the fall Raeya had swimming lessons with Daddy. It has been so fun to watch them having fun in the water. Friday morning I have enjoyed our women's bible study where Raeya played with "friends" as she called all 22 of them and I had some great adult conversations with the other women from our church and community.

Happy Halloween....our Chicken and Egg rocked it this year. Raeya really got the hang of going to houses and saying "trick or treat". She still calls smarties trick or treats.

Our baby is now 2 !!!! November 18th has come and gone and Raeya celebrated her birthday with a TON of family and some really great friends.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Some fun family pictures

Family Reunion

Every summer we (the McDonald family and friends) get together on Roset Island for some great times and fantastic food.

We started our weekend off right. While waiting for the ferry we hit a Starbucks and sat at the beach.

Down to the water we go. Raeya is having a little Auntie time as she hangs out on the dock.

Addysen only 3 weeks old sleeping on Alana

Andy and Drew getting the water ready for our seafood feast.

Great Grampa Alec and his newest great grand daughter Addysen.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Raeya loves her little sister Addysen.
She likes to give her some of her favorite blankets, stuffed animals and she insists on giving her kisses before bed.

Now holding Addysen is another story........

She's just not that comfortable....which I kind of think is ok because we don't have to worry about Raeya dropping Addysen, or trying to carry her around the house.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Passing time

Fashion Show
Great Grandma Hutchins knit Raeya a touque, jacket, mitts on a string and slippers. Here she is modeling the toque and jacket for the camera.
We think she looks so old in this picture.
Hey guys here I come.
so cute!!
Pony Tails,
After much determination I was able to get 2 little ponytails in Raeya's hair.

I'm not used to the thin hair, it kept slipping out of the elastics.
Cinderella, Cinderella night and day it's Cinderella.
Helping with the dishes

So much water on the floor but so much fun at the same time. Raeya was actually quite upset that we had no more dishes to clean and we were finished.
Overall it has been a great winter and we're finding lots to do to keep us busy. Aidan gets to take advantage of having Monday's off with Raeya, we have family days on Sundays and I get to enjoy my days with Raeya on Saturday.  It's so crazy how fast time passes and how fast Raeya is growing. At 15 months Raeya is 21 lbs and 8o cm tall. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Our newest little peanut

In the middle of October we were wondering and by the end of October we knew.....
Our second little peanut was on it's way.

This pregnancy has been great so far just like my pregnancy with Raeya. It has been a little different, feeling nauseous in the mornings of the first 3 months was a new one but still nothing to complain about. I'm quite a bit more food sensitive, things gross me out easily and have found supper isn't my most favorite meal of the day. I'm also liking salty (chips especially) instead of the sweet ice cream lover like I was with Raeya.

The baby's heart rate started out at 160 bpm, went to 155 bpm and at my ultrasound on January 21 was 148 bpm. The ultrasound was incredible and we were able to see things like the baby's brian. You could clearly see the 2 halves developed and continuing to develop. The spine and ribs continue to fascinate Aidan and I and who can resist loving the little tummy.

They've changed my due date a bit based on measurements of the baby and so we are expecting this little bundle of joy July 2nd ish.

Here are some pictures:
Here he/she is...
we were also able to see the baby swallowing during this ultasound.
The little feet... 
This image probably isn't my favorite mainly because of the Alien look, but still amazing.
I'm in love!!!

These pictures will have to carry us through for the next couple of months but they'll do.

Did I mention that Raeya and the baby will be 19 1/2 months apart. Oh yeah were looking for maximum craziness in this house.

Until next time.........